Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper 2016

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If you are looking for Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper but unable to find the suitable one for you, this post will help you choose the best memory foam mattress topper as per your needs and requirements. We have made an in depth analysis about the memory foam mattress toppers available in the market today to help you chose the best one for you. Before we get into the reviews, let’s first know what a memory foam mattress topper is, why are they in demand today and who should buy the memory foam mattress topper.


What is a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

As the name suggests, memory foam mattress topper is a layer of memory foam that is made to be placed on top of the mattress to give extra support. The foam in the topper responds to your body’s weight by conforming to the contours of the body; because it supports all parts equally, there are no pressure points to cause pain and soreness. Memory foam mattress toppers can be a great solution for a better life when you use mattress and topper together.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper 2016
A child resting on a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Why is the Memory Foam Mattress Topper in demand

Memory foam mattress toppers have become most popular type of mattress toppers today and these mattress toppers have more user reviews online for them than any other type of topper. After going through the user reviews for these products, we found that 92% of owners were satisfied with their purchase. Many owners say that the one which they selected was extremely comfortable, supportive and provided relief from pain. The reason for such a good response for this product is the level of comfort that it provides to the users. The combination of a mattress and a topper works really good for people suffering from any kind of back or side pain and hence gives you a comfortable sleep.

Who should buy the Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Take a look at the below points and see for yourself if any of these sound familiar to you.

  • Do you feel back pain when you wake up in the morning
  • Do you have a stiff neck when you wake up in the morning
  • Does your bed feel uncomfortable when you sleep
  • Is your mattress too firm
  • Do you feel uncomfortable while resting in your bed
  • After you tired after waking up in the morning

If any of these points sound familiar to you or any of your family member, then you will surely benefit from a mattress topper.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A good memory foam mattress combined with a suitable topper ensures better comfort and can make a huge difference in the way you sleep. Studies have show that a good night’s sleep can invigorate you and you feel positive both physically and mentally. Below are some of the benefits you get from a good memory foam mattress topper.

  • Reduced stress level
  • Better performance at work/school
  • Less back/side pain
  • Less depression
  • More comfort
  • Improved memory
  • Better relationships

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Now that we have seen the details of a memory foam mattress topper, let’s shift our focus on the best memory foam mattress topper available in the market today.

1. Memory Foam Solutions Visco Elastic Mattress Topper

Memory Foam Solutions Visco Elastic Memory Foam TopperThis is the best selling mattress topper on Amazon with more than 4.5K reviews and a 4.1/5 rating. It is very highly rated for comfort and pain relief. The temperature sensitive Visco Elastic Memory makes it firmer in cooler temperatures and softer in warmer environments, giving you maximum levels of comfort. As other memory foam products, this topper is known to reduce back pain. It is made in USA and comes with a 3 year warranty.

Some of the features of this mattress are:

  • Instantly makes any mattress more restful, comfortable and supportive in sagging areas of mattress
  • 3-Inch of extra supportive 4-Pounds memory foam conforms to your body perfectl
  • Made in the USA using enviroment friendly processes. Exceeds PURGreen certification standards
  • Memory foam reduces pressure points that cause you to toss and turn, so you sleep better
  • Topper features a four-pound density and the famous gel-like feel

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2. SleepBetter Visco Elastic Mattress Topper

SleepBetter Visco Elastic Mattress TopperThis visco elastic mattress topper by SleepBetter is again a very highly rated topper with an average 4.3/5 rating with around 66% customers rating it a perfect 5. This mattress topper reduces night time tossing and turning to provide a better night’s sleep. The innovative, hypo-allergenic material can adjust and contour to any form, resulting in an even weight distribution. It is great for pregnant women, the elderly, and anyone who needs a good night’s rest. This product is made in the USA and comes backed by a 5-year warranty.

Some of the features of this product are:

  • Innovative mattress topper designed to reduce nighttime tossing and turning
  • Made of visco-elastic memory foam; contours to the body and relieves pressure points
  • Temperature-smart, open-cell foam adjusts to keep you warm
  • Hypo-allergenic; made in the USA; spot clean as needed

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3. Lucid Linenspa Ventilated Mattress Topper

Lucid Linenspa Ventilated Mattress TopperThe Lucid Linenspa Ventilated Mattress Topper is one of the best selling mattresses and has recieved more than 2000 reviews on Amazon with 62% of the customers giving it a 5 rating. The reason for the popularity of this mattress topper is that it gives you most of the benefits of a high end mattress topper at only a fraction of the cost. The Lucid memory foam creates a comfort layer that helps relieve neck, back and shoulder pain as it cradles and supports your body’s natural pressure points.

Some of the features of this product are:

  • Ventilated to increase air flow for a soothing sleeping temperature
  • LUCID memory foam formula offers superior comfort and pressure relief; CertiPUR-US certified for safety and performance
  • Open cell technology prevents lasting body impressions – CertiPUR-US certified for safety and performance
  • 1 inch shorter on all sides to ensure your sheets still fit over your original mattress and the topper

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4. Sleep Joy ViscO2 Ventilated Mattress Topper

Sleep Joy ViscO2 Ventilated Mattress TopperThe ViscO2 Ventilated Mattress Topper by Sleep Joy is next on our list. This mattress topper is a 4.4/5 rated mattress with over 1800 consumer reviews and 66% consumers giving it a 5 rating. Sleep Joy ViscO2 Memory Foam is the first breathable, open-cell memory foam that is enhanced with plant-based ingredients. This high performance material provides luxurious, cradling comfort to relieve pressure points to ensure a better night’s sleep. Breathability plus ventilation means more air flow under the covers to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Also, this mattress topper is made in USA.

Some of the features of this product are:

  • Breathable material with ventilation increases airflow to create a healthier, more hygienic sleeping environment
  • Provides cradling comfort and pressure relief for a great night’s sleep
  • Odor-neutralized to remove foam odor
  • Enhanced with plant-based ingredients for a lower impact on the environment

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5. Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Mattress Topper

Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress TopperThe Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a bit firm mattress topper that makes for a very comfortable surface and provides you with favorable sleeping conditions  so that you wake up energized. The customer feedback for this mattress topper is very positive receiving a 4.5/5 rating with 87% of the customers “happy” with the product.

Some of the features of this product are:

  • Amazing comfort from body-conforming memory foam
  • Responsive active suspension isolates motion so no disruption for your sleep partner
  • Comes with polyester Mesh cover zippered. Deeper Sleep
  • 2.5″ High density foam and 1.5″ memory foam
  • 5 years warranty

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This was all about the Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper 2016 Reviews and Ratings. We have considered a lot of factors before putting together this list of the Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper 2016. We continuously update this list based on current best performing mattress toppers in the market. Should you have any questions or need any further help on any of the product, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will also love to hear which one is your favorite in the list of the best memory foam mattress topper, and if you are already using one of the above mentioned products, do let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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